Discover Your Investment Alternatives

As a real estate and investment specialist, I am frequently asked about current market trends and ways to generate passive income. As such, I am always on the lookout for investment alternatives in real estate that that yield healthy returns. When discussing these alternatives with potential investors, three real estate classes surface to the top […]

Invest in Real Estate, Not Bonds

Interest rates are cratering due to an ongoing and escalating global trade war and expectations for slowing global growth. Investors around the world are placing more capital in safe havens like the U.S., driving bond yields lower. The Federal Reserve recently dropped interest rates as well. While this action pays for our growing national debt, […]

How Tax Deferral Can Play a Role in Your Investment

Many people (and most investors) have an established IRA and/or 401k account. Many investors may also have an income producing investment, such as a single family rental and may want to use a 1031 like-kind exchange. We are going to briefly discuss using these vehicles and discuss if/when they can be used within a syndication. […]